• Us dolphins give Big Al Goodwin mad props!

    Flipper #16

  • I just couldn't help myself. I know he's married but, he's just so hot!

    Cassie the Sea Lion

  • He's a fun, goofy guy, and also a pretty good singer!

    Rebekah Lowe
    Northern Virginia Magazine

  • Big Al's opened for Journey, Little Feat, Little River Band, and Todd Rundgren!

    Big Al's Manager

  • We've hired three comedians in the past. Big Al was, by far, the best.

    C. Dierkesheide
    US Postal Service, Supply Chain Management

  • Big Al's unfocused approach kept our table thoroughly entertained!

    Comedy Club Patron

  • See some evil. Hear no evil. Say no evil.

    Photographer of this picture

  • He's hilarious in front of a real brick wall or a fake one.

    Curt Shackelford

  • It was like he knew me.

    Completely entertained customer

  • Big Al loves all art (not just the performing arts).

    Big Al Goodwin's 4th Grade Teacher

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Oct. 22nd

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Paradise Island, Bahamas

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Dec. 12th

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